Richard Hatch Of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ And ‘Survivor’ Goes To Jail

The star with the hit show, Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump made an appearance on Fox & Friends, and discussed the birth of his new granddaughter, the first child of daughter Ivanka Trump. The star took to Twitter yesterday to announce the news on the birth of her daughter, and fans are thrilled for Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Ivanka and her husband Jared have weathered many changes since their marriage in 2009, including her stalker wonderful subsequent efforts to come between the oldest daughter of donald trump children and her husband. Now the publisher in the New York Observer reaches weather a considerably more pleasant change: adding a baby to the loved ones.

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There are really a few other tidbits about Simon Cowell that may surprise you as well, or maybe they cannot. Simon has done tons of charity work. I tell on previous Idol Gives Back episodes he does have cardiovascular system for charity work. Could rumored which he is promising to donate $180 million to charity in his will. In the area a nice chunk of change! Simon is an additional strong animal rights activist and contributed $20,000 setting up ivanka trump the intention Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Barbados.

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